Strengthen your retail business with Quickbooks Magento Integration

Do you maintain your physical store and online eCommerce store as two standalone systems? To treat them as two separate entities can be difficult and time-consuming. You are prone to make errors when you have to do double-entry of inventory and sales data in both systems. And, to get a holistic view of the business, you need to combine data from both channels. Hence it is critical to integrate the two. Quickbooks POS Magento integration is a solution that allows retailers to integrate their offline and eCommerce stores easily. It is efficient, accurate, and enables you to grow faster.

Benefits of Quickbooks Magento Integration

• You can control both the offline and eCommerce store from one location. • When you update product details in your Quickbooks POS, it reflects automatically in your Magento store. • Avoid overselling as inventory data gets synced every few minutes. • Say no to double data entry and save time and minimize human error. • Provide a better customer experience across both channels.

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